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 Lisa White on West Virginia Issues


Pro-Life:   I believe life begins at conception and that every human being is beautifully and wonderfully made by God.  As a Christian, I will not compromise on that belief as it is an issue that goes to the very core of my being.  For me, however, being pro-life is not enough - I believe we need to support the creation of more pregnancy centers that give mothers an alternative to abortion.  Institutions such as AbbaCare provide free pregnancy exams, ultrasounds, crisis counseling for pregnant women and fathers, and support for the mother before and after the child is born.

Pro-2nd Amendment:  I am a proud member of Gun Owners of America and West Virginia Citizen's Defense League.  Our right to bear arms ensures our freedoms for all other rights written in Constitution.  “Shall not be infringed” means shall never take away.  I stand by that 100%.

Universal School Choice:   I will fight to revise and expand the Hope Scholarship Program. As it stands today the program requires you to take your child out of the private school they are attending and enroll them into a public school for 45 days before being eligible to receive the scholarship.  The money should follow the child period.

Pro-Small Business:
   Small businesses are the very backbone of a thriving and prosperous populace.  They build a vibrant middle-class in addition to providing many services and products that are necessary for the betterment of our community.  I support pro-growth private small business entrepreneurships in our state and in our district.

Pro-Responsible Spending and Lean Government:  My vision of state government is complete transparency to the tax-paying public and a leaner more efficiently run government.

Evaluation of COVID Response:  If COVID shutdowns showed us anything, it is how very fragile our economy can become when small businesses are forced by our government to close their doors to the purchasing public.  The health crisis hysteria of 2020 through 2022 was the first time in U.S. history that a national shutdown was implemented because of a pandemic. The consequences have been devastating to our nation and especially to our local economy.  

We still haven’t recovered from it.

I favor a complete statewide review of how we decide what actions are worthy and justified if a state economy shutdown is being considered.  Also, state and local emergency strategies need to be re-evaluated and amended for any future national health situational policies that might possibly cripple our state economy.  Shutdowns are not the answer to a pandemic.  A shutdown wasn’t necessary during the Spanish Flu and shouldn’t have happened over COVID.

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