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Hi, I'm Lisa

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After living in Maryland for many years, my husband and I happily moved to the awesome state of West Virginia four years ago. Once we settled into our community, I immediately immersed myself in local Berkeley County politics by joining the Berkeley County Republican Club.

It wasn't long until I was quickly elected to be the Club Treasurer because of my extensive background in marketing and finances.

I am now a retired former professional Marketing and Development Director for Loyola on the Potomac - A Jesuit Retreat House.  Although I initially came from a blue-collar working class background, I chose a different path.  I know first hand what it takes to overcome adversity in career choices.  I started my career with minimum wage secretarial work using vocational skills I learned in high school. Those invaluable employment tools gave me the ability to rise up the career business ranks into an administrative and managerial position.



Why I am Running for Office

As a mother of two children and a grandmother of two children, I know the challenges in raising a family as a single parent.  Yet, I have had a rich full life.  I have been happily married now to a union electrician for 19 years and love being a grandmother.


However, I am greatly concerned about the direction of our nation and our state.  


It is because of my love for my family and my West Viriginia community, I have chosen to leave retirement and run for political office to be your Delegate Representative in Charleston.  My purpose is to help rebuild our prosperity and protect the next generation of West Virginians from the encroaching liberalism that has engulfed many surrounding states.


You Deserve Accountable Government

In recent years, we have elected people to office that have not held themselves accountable to the voters.  Many elected officials have taken it upon themselves to pass laws and spend our precious tax dollars on wasteful endeavors that do nothing to enhance West Virginian's lives.

I want to be a voice of reason to keep our government small and taxes as low as possible.  I also want to be YOUR voice and not only to listen to your issues, but heed your advice on legislation that will greatly impact your quality of life and financial security.

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